For some time I have wanted to leave MAMP to work on WordPress projects and use Docker, luckily this week I came across a tweet from Fran Piaggio where he shares a repository of Jared Palmer with a basic configuration of Docker to work on WordPress in 2019. In addition to the WordPress configuration Jared added a Webpack what is a very useful.

The repository of Jared encouraged me to take up my idea of having a WordPress configuration for my projects, so with that base I can be guided to create my own configuration that I call Dockerpress.

Unlike the Jared repository, it does not have Webpack configuration, since I use another configuration that you can find in Webpack Boilerplate repository, what I have added to it is a Mailhog as a service to catch test emails and an file for enviroment values.

I hope it is useful or a basis for your own configuration.

Dockerpress on Github