Style WordPress galleries easily with CSS Grid

This is a simple example of how we can format galleries inserted into WordPress posts using CSS Grid in the style sheet. The CSS class that represents the gallery within the post is .gallery and each gallery format ranges from the .gallery-columns-1 class that represents a column to the .gallery-columns-9 class that represents a nine-column […]

Development Trello Board Template

Trying to improve my work methodology lately and I come using Trello to track my programming projects, the good thing about using these tools is that if you are in a place that lacks order or there is no one to organize the current projects is that it gives you a complete vision in the […]

WTF?!? Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output

One of the worst messages you can see in WordPress and especially in production as a developer is: Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output. This error does not tell you anything, it can be a problem with a plugin (lucky you if you have few of them) or a file in the active theme […]


For some time I have wanted to leave MAMP to work on WordPress projects and use Docker, luckily this week I came across a tweet from Fran Piaggio where he shares a repository of Jared Palmer with a basic configuration of Docker to work on WordPress in 2019. In addition to the WordPress configuration Jared […]

Bubble is here!

  Until not long ago when creating themes for WordPress I made the serious mistake of trying to create everything from scratch, and from scratch I mean from take care of using correct semantic tags to having a file structure as clean as possible avoiding structure duplication in files. I also have to add that […]

Customize styles of Contact Form 7

In my last project I had the need of customize the messages success and fail of Contact Form 7 and after using this usel post of Isabel Castillo (Style The Response Messages For Contact Form 7) I could make it it.Now, I want to share some changes that I made to the Isabel’s solution like […]

How to use dashicons in your wordpress theme

Dashicons are the official icon font for WordPress and that you can use it in your theme, if you don’twant to use fontawesome or another icon set this is a good alternative. To use it on you theme just add Dashicons on your functions.php file function.php You can refer the icons in your CSS like: […]